LexWarehouse is a software to record stock transactions. The software can be used with both handheld and vehicle mounted computers. LexWarehouse  is developed with the C# from Microsoft and it is compatible with operating systems Windows XP / Vista, Windows Mobile and Windows CE. 
LexWarehouse os developed in cooperation with actors from different industries, hence its functionality meets most needs for data management in the warehouse. LexWarehouse has the following features:

Order entry
Order picking
Moves and transfers

LexWarehouse supports receiving both with and without registrated purchaseorder. In most cases, most of the purchases are registrated and planned. When a purchase is registered in the business system it will be made available for receiving.

The solution offers a comprehensive and easy to use filtering to obtain an overview of every expected receiving order. The user can for instance either scan order number or delivery number, filter by date, supplier, product number or product name. LexWarehouse thereby makes it easier to plan the various tasks that the warehouse will conduct.

Another significant advantage is that the workforce will get information about what  and how much they are expected to receive for each receiving.

LexWarehouse supports label printing directly from the handheld-  or vehicle mounted computer. This enables adequate labelling of all the merchandise in the warehouse. The software supports to register products both with and without serial number, and merchandise will be marked with appropriate barcodes.

Order picking

Order picking is one of the most important features of the LexWarehouse. Picking order to facilitate a more efficient and controlled order picking, which provides less spoilage and failed deliveries.

LexWarehouse uses the same functionality as with receiving, filtering orders to be picked is easy-to-use and allows the warehouse to quickly get an overview of which orders who are to be picked. By scanning the order number on the invoice or by filtering, such as date or groups enables the workforce to easy work on one particular order.

The software can be integrated to systems for direct printing of shipping letters and labels.

Order entry

In addition to regular order picking, LexWarehouse supports order entry. This routine is fairly similar to the order picking, but there are some significant differences. For one, the order is not established, LexWarehouse allows the user to look up customer and register goods. When the order is recorded it will print a invoice, the stock will be updated and most importantly the order will be charged.

Order entry is as user friendly as the other routines in LexWarehouse, and makes it easy to deliver the merchandise when time is of the essence.


LexWarehouse is an excellent tool to keep account of the inventroy. This software has prepared for counting after the lists and without lists. 

Being able to count according to lists will make it possible for a business to secure a accurate inventory even though there are many people who count at the same time. 
Inventory without lists is a solution that lend to count on smaller warehouses.

Common to both inventory routines is that they are very intuitive. It only demands that the workforce scan the barcode and then record the number.


To keep track and controll at the warehouse it is preferable to use the location number for the products. LexWarehouse have this functionality for both the receiving, order picking and inventory. Occasionally, you may need to change the location of one or more products to reorganize the store or to make room. LexWarehouse have the basis of this feature to move one or more goods from one location to another.

A compatible software

LexWarehouse is system independent and can therefore be integrated to most ERP systems.

- Lawson (M3)
- Microsoft Navision
- Microsoft Axapta
- Visma


- File transfer
- Database


- Wireless Ethernet
- GPRS / Edge / UMTS / HSDPA