LexRetail was developed based on Lexit Group’s fifteen years of experience in the logistics and retail business. The software was designed using Microsoft’s latest development tool C# and is compatible with both Windows Mobile and Windows CE.


Ordering can be a huge task if procedures are poor and the store has large floor spaceor a wide range of products. In that kind of situation, employees will have to use pen and paper to register the merchandise that needs to be ordered as they inspect the store. Stores with more efficient procedures can update their information using existing computer systems, but only if inventory is up to date. With our solution, employees can use a handheld device while they check inventory, either in the store itself or in the warehouse. LexRetail makes it possible for employees to easily order merchandise by scanning the product bar code to register the quantity to be ordered. When the order is finished, it is sent to the existing system.
Order types

- Project
- Retailers
- Stock account
- Return order


Receiving is a critically important task for retailers and wholesalers alike. Receiving is the basis for which products are found in the store and in what quantity. Careless performance of this task will contribute to inaccurate inventory, less accurate control of supplier invoicing, and, as an indirect consequence, lower quality of customer service. LexRetail has useful features for eliminating these challenges. Receiving is performed accurately and efficiently using bar codes and when the solution is integrated with an ERP system, data on quantities received are linked to inventory and purchase orders.
Moves and transfers

A single retailer or wholesaler may have several warehouses or departments and merchandise quite naturally gets moved from one location to another. For these enterprises, ensuring the traceability of various products is a challenge. LexRetail allows users to easily re-register products and quantity from one location to another.

Order entry

Wholesalers need to be able to fill orders rapidly. The customers know exactly what they need and
they know where the products are located. When customers use LexRetail to pick and register their merchandise, they do not have to wait to be helped by a customer service assistant and the need for customer service personnel is reduced. LexRetail has a simple user interface for retrieving customer numbers and registering orders.


Inventory can be a time-consuming and arduous business. When you use LexRetail,
every product in stock can be registered by scanning the bar code and quantity with a handheld device, which avoids many of the sources of error that can result in inaccurate inventory. This kind of solution not only makes sure inventory gets done the right way, it gets the job done faster. Using the bar code reader ensures that the right product is scanned and since registration is electronic, there is no need to register and interpret manually completed forms.

Label printing

Product labeling is important to ensure efficient registration of merchandise and accurate shelf labeling is often at least equally important. LexRetail supports printing of both product and shelf labels. This can be done when the merchandise is received or manually in the print module.


LexRetail includes a feature for obtaining an overview of planned and sent transactions. The feature
is useful for getting an overview of the transactions completed by colleagues or customers.

Compatible software

LexRetail is system-independent and can be integrated with most ERP systems.
- Lawson (M3)
- Microsoft Navision
- Microsoft Axapta
- Visma
- Etc.

- Filoverføring
- Database
- Web server
- m.m.


LexRetail can be used with all modes of communication.
- Serial/RS232
- KeyboardWedge
- Bluetooth
- Ethernet
- Wireless Ethernet
- Analog Phone Lines
- ISDN Phone Lines
- GPRS / Edge / UMTS / HSPDA