Nordvalls Etikett AB took over Lexit’s label business as of 1 March. The newly organized company Lexit Labels AS will, under Nordvalls, work closely with Lexit Group in the future on all label deliveries – and the combined offer across labels and marking as described below will be the same as before.


Lexit Group and offers everything a company needs for efficient coding and marking, including packaging, labelling equipment for production and other work processes. Software to support digital workflows in label design and ordering and managing labelling in production. We ensure that consumables, labeling equipment, and software solutions work well together.

Lexit has taken over Markem-Imaje’s (MI) distribution of products and solutions on industrial coding and marking in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We have also acquired Informa in Finland and with that gained a Nordic focus. With this, we have increased our portfolio with several exciting quality products such as inkjet printers, wax printers, foil printers, print & apply label applicators and pallet markers.


Lexit has a well-developed digital solution for label layout, providing full control in one’s own production facilities. Text lines, text boxes, symbols, barcodes, lines, and boxes can be added. Along with the layout background, which can be automatically added to the database, this becomes the ultimate tool for planning and finishing.

With Lexit Central Labelling System we link together the customer’s existing business, production and automation. The true power of this system lies in its ability to be flexible and scalable.

Lexit also offers, through its subsidiary Foptec, the market’s best software solution for ingredient calculations and ingredient declaration management to support quality work and product development in companies focused on the food industry.


Lexit has many years of experience and good technical competence in the equipment we sell and install. With the combination of labels and packaging together with machine equipment, we offer complete solutions for various product labelling. We have extensive experience in delivering complete labelling solutions for production lines in industry and the food sector, especially where the machines have direct integration with ERP or WMS systems (warehouse management systems).

Our customer set high demands on equipment for labelling and the automatic handling of products, regardless of whether this is consumer packaging (F-pak), outer packaging (D-pak) or pallet handling (T-pak). Whether it’s simple manual labelling or a fully automated solution, we have the right equipment for your needs – supplied either stand-alone or fully integrated into your existing production line. We have a wide range of machines to choose from for the varying tasks that need to be done.

All of our machines and related equipment are CE-marked.

Read more about our quality products – inkjet printers, wax printers, foil printers, print & apply label systems and pallet markers on the Norwegian, Swedish or Danish website.

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Service and support

Lexit has a well-run and efficient service and support department that provides telephone support, services products in its own workshop or assists customers at their location. If your company has business critical equipment in operation, we also have the ability to perform preventive maintenance. Our service and support department consists of a service-focused coordinator and several skilled and certified service technicians.