Lexit offers technological solutions for data capture and process simplification through the digitalisation of operational activities. Our solutions are ideally suited to most industries as well as the public sector. We have products and solutions tailored to the work processes in the value chain, from retail, sales and service, to warehousing and logistics, and production and labelling. Other focus areas are process flow automation with RFID/IoT, and software for managing equipment and assets.

The collection, recording and management of data for digital storage using, for example, scanners, handheld terminals, RFID sensors and IoT devices.


Lexit is an important supplier of POS and store data equipment for various retail environments in the food industry, from kiosks and other stores to food service outlets. The POS solutions are primarily delivered through partners and retailers, but also directly to the end customer in some cases. We tailor retail solutions using high-quality products from a variety of suppliers, including some we have developed ourselves in our market.

Lexit has specialised expertise in kiosks and self-service solutions. Most people know the kiosks from the big hamburger chains, and Lexit supplies the kiosks to Burger King in Scandinavia. The kiosk solutions help to improve customer experience, increase efficiency and drive additional sales. However, self-service kiosks have a broader set of uses, and we offer dedicated hardware and software solutions.

In the professional market, i.e. shops for the trade sector (e.g. craftsmen and other professionals), Lexit has extensive experience with self-service solutions. Our solutions can be operated from the customer’s own mobile phone (BYOD), handheld scanners in stores, self-service kiosks, and RFID output. We also offer click-and-collect solutions so that customers can pick up their goods outside of the store’s opening hours.

Lexit offers specialised software solutions to complement shop data systems. LexPOS, our mobile POS solution, is well suited to companies that need to accept payments outside of a fixed point of sale – with the option of integrating the ‘Vipps’ mobile payment solution. LexSales is an app for outbound sales. Lexit’s customers can also use the app to let their customers order by themselves and market the app under their own brand name.


Lexit provides a wide range of solutions and products to ensure data capture throughout the logistics chain and increase quality and efficiency in processes. The goal is the right product in the right place and maximum uptimes. We have extensive experience with all relevant hardware such as rugged handheld terminals, scanners/barcode readers and label printers, as well as RFID and IoT equipment, sensors and solutions. We supply equipment from leading manufacturers such as Zebra and Honeywell, but also from a wide range of ‘newcomers’ to the market.

In addition, Lexit develops and delivers a range of software solutions for warehousing and logistics. The solutions can be easily integrated into most ERP, WMS or transport systems and have low implementation costs. Lexit’s own solutions cover a wide range of needs relevant to most industries. We have specialised expertise in food products where there are, for example, extra requirements in terms of traceability and labelling. We also have significant experience in mobility services and device management where we primarily provide a solution from SOTI, which is the international industry leader in mobility and IoT management.


Lexit delivers solutions in several other industries and product areas. Here are some of them.

A modern and efficient manufacturing company has high requirements for labelling machines and automated handling of products. Lexit ensures a properly adapted solution, where the labelling process will be tailored to the need of your company, and ensure that the products are labeled correctly and quickly without unnecessary downtime.

Digitalisation of public transport requires quality and customized solutions, which Lexit has experience in delivering together with our partners. Entur, one of the biggest actors in the industry, uses Lexit for its tickets and fair solution on all trains in Norway.

The public sector has very specific needs in digitalization. Lexit helps organizations that want to streamline cumbersome routines by transitioning to digital solutions. With tasks that are constantly increasing in scope, there will be continuous focus on solutions from Lexit that simplify and improve work processes.

Our solutions use new technology to help you always keep track of your equipment, and the ability to follow the entire life cycle of each asset with notification for maintenance, deviation management, lending, and tracking.

Lexit is your complete supplier of IoT and RFID solutions. With our hardware partners and proprietary software, we build solutions to improve your processes and increase your efficiency.

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Service and support

Lexit has a well-run and efficient service and support department that provides telephone support, services products in its own workshop or assists customers at their location. If your company has business critical equipment in operation, we also have the ability to perform preventive maintenance. Our service and support department consists of a service-focused coordinator and several skilled and certified service technicians.