Strengthened internal resources for SOTI MobiControl

Due to high customer demand, we have now increased our internal resources to be even better equipped to help existing and future customers. We have also focused on building up expertise internally, so several of our technicians have attended courses and been trained in the software so it can be used to its full potential.

Thanks to SOTI MobiControl and equipment delivered by Lexit Group, it’s never been easier to help customers manage and maintain their businesses. With the help of SOTI Mobile Device Management (MDM), the terminals can be remotely controlled by our technicians should the customer need help with anything, or be used to simply update the software. This is done via proprietary MDM servers. With the help of MDM, we are able to manage our customers' units based on their wishes and requirements. Lexit Group then acts as an administrator so the customer does not require any prior knowledge or special expertise. In addition, there is assistance for remote control, installation, maintenance and support via the cloud, which means that the products and software are always available. As everything is managed in the cloud, no customer is too big or too small – the solutions and configurations can be adapted to the number of units and areas of use, which means that we can always offer a tailor-made solution.

SOTI MobiControl also focuses on security. The terminals are secured by configuration and access controls to minimise the risk of important information getting lost.

SOTI MOBICONTROL: Rogger Yamaki and Fredrik Elmertoft are our contact people at SOTI. The photo was taken when they attended the Lexit Group exhibition earlier this year.


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INTERNAL RESOURCES: Øystein Stakvik and Martin Østerud are responsible for SOTI Mobile Device Management internally at Lexit Group.


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