NSB's new terminals ensure impressive synergy effects: We are now on top of all card fraud on our trains

The NSB Group is a Nordic transport group where passenger transport by rail and bus, freight by rail, property management and development and train maintenance are the main functions.

NSB has introduced a new solution for on-line ticketing sales for conductors and inspectors on all of its trains operating in Norway. Altogether there are 1,300 terminals in daily operation. “We have now cracked the problem of card fraud,” says MT-manager Pål Tore Pedersen from the company.

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“For NSB, this is a positive step in the digitisation process. Mobile terminals will help improve customer service, streamline ticket checking and make payments more secure,” says Pedersen. He explains that all mobile terminals with new software are delivered by EVRY, with subcontractor Lexit Group supplying the mobile terminals and Verifone payment terminals.
“This close partnership has been crucial to the success of the project,” he emphasises.

Adds value for customers 

The NSB agreement was really important for EVRY.
“As a company, we must streamline and simplify the public sector. At the same time our IT investments must add value. We have been keen to establish a tight-knit partnership in this project with NSB, in order to optimise their benefits realisation potential. Mobile ticketing enhances NSB’s digital platform and is a good example of the added value that NSB and society enjoys,” says consultant and project manager for Mobility & Communications at EVRY Norway, Ragnar Ringstrøm. EVRY has the largest group of professionals within the field of mobility in the Nordic countries, boasting over 150 specialists and 400 employees engaged in mobility projects.

Concentrated on simple user interface with new ICT systems

Pål Tore Pedersen is a committed NSB man, with extensive experience both as a station officer, conductor, and later production and service manager at NSB Mellomdistanse. He has also been involved in the development of mobile terminals and currently works as MT-manager.
“My background in NSB has given me a unique insight into my colleagues' everyday life and the challenges they face with the introduction of new ICT systems. This applies particularly to the introduction of new mobile terminals where we are keen to ensure that they have a simple user interface enabling both younger and older employees to quickly put them to use.”

SIMPLE USER INTERFACE: “Payment terminals from Lexit Group have a simple user interface that facilitates work operations for conductors. Our customers also get a positive experience when they travel with us,” says MT-manager Pål Tore Pedersen at NSB.

Streamlined payment transactions

In 2014, NSB initiated the pre-project phase and solicited bids from a number of providers. The roll-out took place in the autumn of 2015, and the project was completed on 1 April this year. It was important for NSB that conductors only have to handle two devices – a mobile terminal and a payment terminal.
“Weight and ergonomics were also key elements, in addition to the terminals having good on-line and display performance,” says Pedersen.
“We now have a solution where all banking and credit card transactions occur on-line in relation to the bank. We use the same solution as shops, petrol stations and shopping centres to streamline payment transactions.”  

Benefit of having own workshop

The framework agreement between NSB and EVRY for the delivery of hand-held devices and payment terminals has a duration period of two years with an option of an additional two years.
“The project has so far been a success, not least thanks to Lexit Group. The provider has taken up the challenge and delivered mobile terminals from Bluebird, which work extremely satisfactorily. A distinct advantage is that they have a separate workshop in Kløfta which ensures the quick repair and maintenance of the terminals. We depend on equipment being devoid of downtime in our hectic everyday lives,” says Pedersen.

Newly developed sales application to suit the needs of conductors

The solution for on-line ticketing consists of a newly developed sales application with intuitive screens and functionality that are customised to suit the needs of our conductors.
“The ticketing solution is future-oriented, and enhances usability and stability. This is crucial when conductors are selling tickets, scanning travel cards or issuing fines,” says Pedersen.
“The on-line solution allows our conductors to accept payments from customers with all types of credit cards. We use the payment terminal to print tickets and receipts for payment cards. That way we could avoid having to acquire our own receipt printer. The payment terminal now prints the ticket and receipt in a single operation.”

TIME-SAVING: “Payment terminals are easy to use in our hectic everyday lives,” says conductor Unni Marie Andresen NSB Øst.

Detailed knowledge and understanding

Asked how important it was to deal with a provider who has detailed knowledge of the needs of its employees, Pedersen responds:
“Being close to a provider who gets our problems and understands the everyday work of conductors and checkers is crucial. The Lexit Group has acquired this knowledge in double-quick time and has supplied mobile terminals that we will be enjoying for many years to come.”

Enhanced safety and reduced risk of fraud

Asked how important mobile terminals are for streamlining the ticketing process at NSB, Pedersen responds:
“Absolutely essential. The terminals from Lexit Group use a simple user interface that facilitates work operations for conductors. Our customers also get a positive experience when they travel with us,” says Pedersen, who can confirm unambiguously positive feedback about the terminals from conductors and customers alike.
“On-line ticketing contributes to faster and more secure transactions and is far better than our older payment systems. Off-line is a dying form of payment while on-line improves safety and reduces the risk of fraud etc.”

The project has been challenging, interesting and instructive

The NSB project has been highly stimulating and instructive for the Lexit Group.
“It has consumed a lot of time and resources and has been technically challenging, nevertheless we have succeeded in creating a solution for NSB in an efficient and effective way” says Helge Stenstvedt of Lexit Group Norway, “We have enjoyed good partnerships with all parties involved in the project right down to the providers of components for the terminals. The experience we have gained enables us to deliver innovative and modern hardware solutions to a variety of clients within public transport and retail,” he concludes.


Facts about the solution: 

  • When the customer pays for a ticket, the amount is immediately deducted from the customer's account.
  • There is a backup solution along stretches with poor coverage. The payment transactions are transferred once the system goes on-line.
  • The new mobile terminals can also read QR codes. For checking home printouts (PDF tickets) and the ticket app, the conductor can scan the code to quickly and easily verify that the ticket is valid.
  • The new solution also reads travel cards much faster.
  • Ticket inspectors can issue fines on the spot using the new solution, in the same manner as traffic wardens.


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