New coating machine from Ravenwood provides own linerless production

Lexit Group are pleased to announce the addition of a Coater Com500F, providing us with our own linerless label production. The machine will be installed in August 2019, making us the first company in Sweden to have our own coating machine. 

Press release from Ravenwood

The linerless concept with Nobac machines and self-produced labels gives us a unique position on the Scandinavian market. We can now take responsibility for the entire product labeling process – all the way from machine functionality, installation, label production, delivery reliability, and commissioning, to implementation of the concept and future reliability at the customer’s company.

SIGNED AGREEMENT: Paul Beamish and Eivind Hatlelid are both pleased that the agreement has been concluded and signed.

Ravenwood linerless labeling system

This is a unique system that includes a steadily growing selection of applicators, coaters and coater technology to label the most demanding products, and the flexibility to adapt to lots of different formats to meet the most stringent product and/or market requirements.

What is a linerless label?

A linerless label is a label with no adhesive on the backside. The label is applied with adhesive strips after printing, which means that the label has no need for liners or backing paper. Silicone strips are attached to the front of the label to release it from the roll when applied. Advantages include more labels per roll, fewer stops and more efficient production/packing for the end user. The label solution is also a sustainable labeling alternative (no backing paper, no residual waste).

Examples of linerless labels

England, with London at the forefront, were the first to adopt the linerless concept. We have been using it for a while in Norway as well, and now we really see a surge of interest in Scandinavia.  

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INCREASED PARTNERSHIP: (from left to right) David Gooding (Commercial Director) and Paul Beamish (Machinery/Linerless Sales and Technical) from Ravenwood with the Lexit Group team, comprised of Annett Malmo (Packaging Manager), Gunnar Herseth (Business Developer), Eivind Hatlelid (CFO), Marcus Lolk (Technical Manager) and Michael Paulin (Factory Manager).

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