New agreement signed with VYgruppen

The agreement is for the delivery of GSM-R handsets to allow safe and secure communication between staff across the railway network, as well on the same train as between different trains. Lexit Group has worked in close partnership with Huawei on this project. The handsets are produced according to special requirements which are set by the railway companies in Europe. This framework agreement runs for four years and has an estimated value of approximately MNOK 20 for Lexit Group. The first delivery, worth approximately MNOK 5, was delivered at the end of last year.

The happy gang after signing the agreement (from left to right): Helge Stenstvedt (Lexit Group), Kristian Scavenius (VYgruppen), Lory Zhou (Enterprise BG), Pål Tore Pedersen (VYgruppen) and Lasse Eriksen (Lexit Group).

The deal is in the bag.

Conductor Thor Thomassen demonstrates the new solution.