More efficient with hardware from Lexit Group

Our customers use our hardware solutions as an important part of their work to automate and streamline transport and warehouse operations. ColliCare Logistics AS is one of the companies where our collaboration has been very successful.

“We were looking for a proactive supplier with a good understanding of our needs. We were given the opportunity to test different handheld terminals (PDAs) before deciding. The goal was to transfer the solution from Windows Mobile to Android, to give our drivers better stability and functionality. We have invested in almost 300 new terminals, which are being rolled out continuously. Today, all of our drivers have switched to Android,” says ColliCare’s IT Manager Kjell Aarskog.

Similar solution implemented in the warehouse

Aarskog explains that ColliCare has also applied a similar solution in their warehouse.

“In addition to driver terminals, Lexit Group has also provided warehouse terminals, scanners, printers and labels. So far everything has worked well. If there were to be any unforeseen incidents, the supplier has skilled technicians at Kløfta who provide support.

” When asked how important the correct choice of ICT equipment is for ColliCare, Aarskog answers, "We rely on system solutions with high uptime and quality to ensure the best customer deliveries."

WAREHOUSE SOLUTIONS: In addition to driver terminals, Lexit Group has provided storage terminals, scanners, printers and labels.

The solution streamlined our day-to-day life

Aarskog says it is hard to estimate in monetary value how much they have saved on the transition to today's handheld devices.

"We went from an old and expensive technology to a new, better and more cost-effective technology with better stability, efficiency, quality and coverage. Together with Lexit Group, we have spent a lot of time and resources finding the devices that best suit our needs. The solutions have improved our ability to offer delivery precision to our customers thanks to our system applications,” says Aarskog.

A smooth transition

The transition from Windows Mobile to Android went smoothly.

“The system was tested in advance and our super users passed on their expertise to our drivers. They all view the new mobile platform positively,” says Aarskog. He explains that Lexit Group has delivered the hardware while ColliCare provides the software itself.

“Lexit Group has delivered handheld terminals and other equipment quickly. For us it is important that we are supported by a forward-looking supplier,” Aarskog continues.

“We have built up a good and equal relationship with each other”

Mehdi Rahmati, Key Account Manager at Lexit Group, says they conducted a thorough needs analysis in 2015 and tested several terminals, scanners and printers.

“Together with ColliCare, we found the right devices for drivers and warehouse operators. The collaboration has been useful and instructive for both parties. We have built up a good and equal relationship with each other. Thanks to our good collaboration, ColliCare has recommended us to other transport companies with a similar need for solutions,” says Rahmati.

Own buffer stock of terminal equipment

Lexit Group has its own buffer stock in Kløfta with terminal equipment available for ColliCare.

“With our strong growth and regular new job creation, we need to have equipment available. The flexibility of the buffer stock means we can react quickly,” says Aarskog.

He adds that ColliCare has had minimal problems with the equipment since it was put into use in 2015.

Highly recommended

Since ColliCare is planning several projects in the future, further collaboration with total supplier Lexit Group on the units for these solutions would be a natural step.

“So far the collaboration with Lexit Group has worked very well.”

MORE EFFICIENT: ColliCare feels that they have better delivery precision with solutions from Lexit Group.

ColliCare – a growing company

ColliCare has 250 permanent employees and approx. 250 contracted drivers. The company has built up solid logistics expertise to solve customers' logistics needs. ColliCare have their own branches in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Italy, India, China and the Baltics, as well as a large network of partners.

In Scandinavia, the company offers nationwide distribution, storage and 3PL from strategically placed terminals. The head office, with the company's international shipping business, is located in Moss. The national distribution company is managed from Skedsmokorset.

“We have annual growth of approximately 20 per cent,” says Aarskog. He adds that ColliCare's goal is to enhance customer competitiveness through innovative and integrated logistics services with a high degree of quality and flexibility.


The main picture at the top of the article shows IT Manager of ColliCare Logistics AS, Kjell Aarskog, pictured here with Key Account Manager of Lexit Group, Mehdi Rahmati.

TEXT: Trond Schieldrop / PHOTO: Trond Schieldrop/ColliCare