LexTalk simplifies stocktaking

The LexTalk multi platform solution from Lexit Group is particularly suitable for stocktaking at retailers, wholesalers and shops. The system is cloud-based and allows for rapid downloads on a smart phone or tablet with an app.

“With a bluetooth scanner connected to a smart phone, stocktaking can be done quickly, affordably and effectively,” says Software Sales Manager Mikael Thorngaard at Lexit Group. In addition to stocktaking there are modules for sales orders, customer orders, shop orders, data capture and ordering.

The LexTalk cloud-based system is particularly suitable for order entry and ordering. “The retail sector, minor wholesalers and shops enjoy a system ideally suited to their daily operations”, says Thorngaard. He can confirm that LexTalk comes with both on-line and off-line functionality. “The system can be easily connected to the Factory Talk server software for the download of basic data and reporting back to the company's business system.

LEXIT GROUP: Sales Manager Software Mikael Thorsgaard.

Feedback from users that have tested LexTalk shows that the solution has a simple and user friendly interface. The screens are identical and it is easy to navigate through the set modules.  “This is particularly important when stocktaking goods using search and registration,” says Thorngaard, who can confirm that the software is easily customized to suit user needs.

“If you use LexTalk with a bluetooth scanner on your smart phone or tablet, you will have a low cost solution for fast and efficient stocktaking,” says Thorngaard. He adds that Lexit Group also delivers robust bar code scanners with extended functionality. LexTalk can currently run on Android and iOS devices, and before long on Windows too.


For more information, please contact:

Lexit Group Norway
Contact: Mikael Thorsgaard
Mobile: +47 47 45 26 65
E-mail: mikael.thorsgaard@lexit.no


TEXT/PHOTO: Trond Schieldrop