Lexit Group expo 31 January 2019

Building on the success of earlier this year, we’re holding a new Lexit Group expo event in Oslo on 31 January 2019. This time we’ll be at Aker Brygge, and more specifically at the Felix Conference Center.

"The expo has become an important tradition that is valued by both the customers and ourselves," says Svein Lauritsen, Sales Manager at Lexit Group Norway. “During the expo, existing customers and new stakeholders will be given a good insight into Lexit Group as a partner, and all that we have to offer as a one-stop supplier. At next year's expo, we will show how we use the breadth of our expertise to give our customers great opportunities to develop. The focus here is on tailor-made and user-friendly solutions," says Svein Lauritsen.

Multiple departments – a single entity

At the expo we will demonstrate how Lexit Group operates as a single entity. There will also be lots of news and information about existing solutions in data capture, retail, labels, industry, software and service/support. There will be several test products with installed software from our portfolio just like last year, so that visitors can easily see the value and uses of them in their own business. The expo will give visitors a glimpse into the future and what it could bring.

Varied selection of products and solutions

Last year's expo was a big success, and got highly rated by our customers.
“Last year we received positive feedback from visitors who appreciated that they could try out working test products with our own software installed,” says Lauritsen. “We will keep this in mind for next year’s expo. We will also showcase products from several different suppliers, not just the biggest ones, to offer a varied selection of solutions for specific needs. Visitors also stated that they got a good insight into upcoming products and solutions from which they could benefit in the future. New for this year is that our service and support department will be given more attention. As service and support has become an increasingly important part of our business, this area also needs to be integrated into the expo concept.”

Focus areas for the different departments

Data capture – Svein Lauritsen

Here we will show new products and solutions for various applications. The focus is on new products, including new PDAs, printers and truck terminals. We will also present new solutions and information exchange solutions for these. 

POS/retail – Geir Karlsen

There will be lots of exciting things on the retail front at the expo. We will introduce the new POS systems which will be launched by our suppliers in 2019, such as X-POS from FEC. In addition to new self-payment kiosks, we also present the latest in receipts and scanners from different suppliers. You can also expect a few surprises!

Software – Mikael Thorsgaard

At the expo we will demonstrate our entire software portfolio, including a new cloud-based printer solution, RFID inventory, equipment control and much more. We will also present several existing collaborative projects to show how our solutions work in practice.

Labels – Jostein Sæther 

The latest improvement to our digital label management system makes us unique in the industry. In addition to making the entire process more transparent to the customer, we have now taken the system to new heights by automating parts of the label flow. This has required a lot of time and resources at all levels and we are looking forward to giving you a demonstration.

Industry – Per Kristian Myklebust

At the expo, the industry department will present several creative solutions for labels, sleeves and banners. We will also provide insight into how the solutions work in practice out on the production lines.

Service and support – Trond Are Halldén

As service and support has become an increasingly important part of our business, the department will be given more space at the expo. We will demonstrate user login, software usage, service process, and also provide insight into the workflow of the department. 

Extended opening hours

In addition, this year’s expo has an "open house" format with tapas and refreshments available during the day. This year we have also extended the opening hours at both ends of the day, so the expo will be open from 9 am to 5 pm. We hope that you will be able to pop by and look forward to presenting our new solutions and having rewarding conversations with you all!


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See you 31 January 2019!

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