Lexit Group expo 2020 – great customer interest

After the last year’s success, Lexit Group once again invited customers and partners to its expo at the Felix Conference Centre in Oslo. Again this year, many participants came to take a closer look at new products and solutions within Lexit Group's many business areas.


“This was clearly the best expo we’ve organised to date. We are very happy with this year’s event, which was echoed in the positive feedback we received from customers. This time, we decided to show solutions where the individual hardware products were not necessarily in the spotlight, but instead focussing on the total solutions that they are part of.

One of the products we showcased was self-service borrowing with Asset Control and Cloud Print. Lots of customers were interested in it and wanted to know more,” says Svein Lauritsen, Head of Data Capture at Lexit Group.

In other areas we presented items such as our own digital labelling control, the new linerless agency, automated ingredient management with Recipe Explorer, the Robotmannen pallet label applicator from Allprint AB/Svenska Allen, tracking with RFID, SOTI Management and a large selection of self-service kiosks and retail products.

Seminars to showcase professional solutions now standard

New for this year were a range of seminars that were spread throughout the exhibition day. There was something for everyone, and the idea was to showcase the wide range of solutions that Lexit Group can offer its customers. CEO Lasse Eriksen is very pleased with how well everything turned out.

“We felt confident that our seminars would be of interest to the expo’s attendees, and we were right! Throughout the day, there was a steady stream of customers and business partners who wanted to participate in one or more sessions. Many of the solutions that were presented during the seminars could also be explored in the exhibition hall. This meant that customers could gain even better insight into the solutions afterwards, and were able to physically test the products after the theoretical overview, which was much appreciated.”

FOPTEC SEMINAR: Patrik Samuelsson presented Recipe Explorer and automated ingredient management to an interested audience.

SEMINARS WERE VERY POPULAR Participation levels were high for all eight of the programmed sessions.

Svein Lauritsen also agrees that the seminars were a great success.

“Our new seminar concept got a very positive reception. There was something for every taste so that customers could easily choose the seminar they wanted to participate in. We carefully selected the various themes in advance to include modern solutions that would be of interest to our customers going forward. The new concept also contributed to an efficient flow in the exhibition hall, so it was always easy to find and talk to one of our employees. There was a kind of rolling schedule where those who wanted to look at solutions and talk to our sales team could do so in peace and quiet, while others went to seminars to learn more on a specific topic.”

The way forward

This year's expo provided good solutions on several fronts. The new seminar concept worked out very well, while both customers and the sales team at Lexit Group formulated new solutions and goals for the future. Expo organiser Svein Lauritsen has already planned how to improve the expo and make it even better next year.

“We are generally very pleased with this year's fair. The seminar concept is something we clearly want to continue with, combined with an even greater focus on solutions and demonstrating them. We hope that this year's expo will provide customers with a taste for more, and look forward to the next opportunity to meet for professional exchanges and relationship building.”


See the photos – and the atmosphere


Thanks to everyone who visited the expo!

See you again in 2021.