Lexit Group Exhibition: The exhibition concept is here to stay

Lexit Group has every reason to be pleased with the endorsement at this year's exhibition at Posthallen, which once again gathered over a hundred customers, both new and existing. “We can not be anything but really pleased,” says Exhibition Manager Svein Lauritsen, who enjoyed a positive response across the board from the many visitors. “This is an exhibition concept that has come to stay,” he emphasises.

This is the fourth time that Lexit Group has organised the exhibition at Posthallen.

“Several customers, large and small, chose to take a look at the exhibition to see what we as a turnkey supplier are capable of delivering – all under one roof. We showcased a number of product innovations and solutions in warehousing and logistics, data capture, industrial applications, label production and retail using the very latest software solutions embedded in the products along with our proprietary software. The rationale behind this year's major endorsement is a well-developed exhibition concept,” says Lauritsen.

“Customers were helped by our highly skilled employees in labelling, industrial applications, data capture, retail and service. They also had the opportunity of discussing a range of issues and meeting people from their own industry. Judging from the response from the participants, the exhibition encompassed many different areas. Many intriguing customer requests were received that we are currently processing.”

EXHIBITION MANAGER: Svein Lauritsen, to the right of the picture, together with customers and colleague Gunnar Herseth, was pleased with the response to the exhibition.


We approached some of our customers for feedback on our working relationship:


Positive and lucrative label partnership

Wittusen & Jensen is a family company that celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2017. The company supplies a full range of consumables and marketing services to companies, and turned over some NOK 600 million last year. Wittusen & Jensen has been working with the Lexit Group since 2016.

“We distribute labels that we purchase from the supplier. The partnership has been fruitful and follow-up has been good. We use neutral labels as transport labels or for packaging labels. Label production is a vital tool for us as a turnkey supplier as it enables us to offer turnkey solutions to our customers,” says Sales Manager Vidar Granaas, and Purchasing Manager for office supplies and consumables, Bjørnar Sørensen.

Reinforces our relationship with Lexit Group

“We attend the exhibition to further consolidate our relationship with Lexit Group. The partnership with Pernille Johansen and her employees is therefore key. Attending the exhibition meant we became privy to information concerning innovations and insights into several interesting solutions,” Granaas and Sørensen confirm. They believe it is important to establish good relationships with their suppliers.

“As part of our delivery configuration in the packaging field, Lexit Group's label solutions are indispensable to us.”

WITTUSEN & JENSEN: “Since 2016, we have enjoyed a lucrative partnership with Lexit Group,” says Sales Manager Vidar Granaas and Purchasing Manager for office supplies and consumables Bjørnar Sørensen at Wittusen & Jensen. “We attend the exhibition to further consolidate our relationship with the supplier.”



Data capture simplifies the customer's purchasing process

TESS will be celebrating 50 years in 2018, and is 100 per cent Norwegian-owned.

“We have been collaborating with Lexit Group on data capture for many years, particularly when it comes to hand-held terminals that are used in warehouse inventory and storage environments where customers generate orders for goods dispatches using their hand-held terminals,” says Kjetil Thorkildsen at TESS.

TESS is a major player in hoses and associated services.

“We have around 200,000 items in our range, including hoses and couplings and a lot more. TESS supplies hoses along with operating and maintenance products such as work material, safety equipment, welding products, fastening devices and tools as well as associated services. The customer's purchasing process can be simplified through data capture. Thorkildsen reports that Lexit Group's hand-held terminals are not only used for the flow of goods at the company's external warehouses, but also for internal warehousing.

“We also use hand-held terminals in our TESS Hose Management (THM) hose maintenance system.”

The support department guarantees the requisite uptime

The hand-held terminals are linked to the company's ERP system, which generates inventory lists along with sales orders that are integrated into the ERP system.

Lexit Group has specialised expertise in numerous areas

This is the first time that Thorkildsen has attended the exhibition at Posthallen. Lexit Group has specialised expertise in multiple areas.

“At the exhibition, I gained an insight into the systems that Lexit is developing with its customers in order to streamline and improve operations,” says Thorkildsen. He explains that TESS aims to become more digital, and adopt a LEAN approach throughout the company.

“We have over 100 service centres in Norway and are established in six countries. Data capture, digitisation and LEAN offer tremendous opportunities if you want to grow and devote more time to value-creating processes. Lexit Group is one of several partners we are working closely with.”

TESS: “We have been working with Lexit Group on data capture for several years,” says Kjetil Thorkildsen at TESS. “At the exhibition, I gained an insight into the systems that they are developing with their customers in order to streamline and improve operations.”



Strategically important collaboration with Lexit Group

Supplèr works as a consultant and supplier in the market, primarily with independent companies (shops and retailers) in western Norway.

“We also serve customers from Kautokeino in the north to Lindesnes in the south. We are involved in the deployment and organisation of retail/POS equipment from our main supplier Lexit Group. This includes operator units/cash stations with touch screens, customer displays, printers, safes and bar code readers,” company CEO Hans Inge Myrvold and Technical Manager Geir Ove Nilsen explain. Supplèr employs four people and is forecasting sales of NOK 4.5 million in 2018.

“We are a newly established company that works exclusively with retail/POS solutions. Our solutions are incredibly relevant right now with the new cash law coming into force on 1 September this year. The law tightens the requirements for how systems are to be certified and approved.”

Extensive experience in the industry and impressive skills set

The collaboration with Lexit Group has been strategically important from day one.

“They have extensive experience in the industry and a very high level of competence in their field,” says Myrvold and Nilsen. The Lexit Group is characterised by its high quality products as well as its technical staff who contribute with their skills.

Positive configuration for new products/solutions

Supplèr participates in the exhibition in order to keep up to speed with what is happening in the market in terms of hardware development.

“Customers present us with both their preferences and issues, and our aim is to satisfy their needs. We got to look at products and solutions at the exhibition that we want to introduce to our customers,” Myrvold and Nilsen explain.

“Our customers are principally small and medium-sized retailers. We also have a number of smaller retail chains with up to six shop units. Lexit Group is able to assist us in cracking new market segments and puts forward many great ideas on how to best serve our customers.”

SUPPLÈR: “The collaboration with Lexit Group has been strategically important from day one. They have extensive experience in the industry and a very high level of competence in their field,” says Supplèr CEO Hand Inge Myrvold and Technical Manager Geir Ove Nilsen. "We got to look at products and solutions at the exhibition that we want to introduce to our customers.”



Retail products in the restaurant industry work seamlessly

“Retail/POS company Paytec in Norway Haugesund has experienced a healthy development curve,” says CEO Rune Hagland, who started the company in 2012.

“To date we have been strong in delivering shop data to the restaurant industry. In 2017 we had a fantastic turnover and we expect even better growth in 2018. Last year, our sales were worth NOK 4.1 million, while in the current year we will pass the five million mark. Not bad for a company with just two employees. Partnering with Lexit Group has been crucial to our growth. We have secured good payment terms, which is important for a small business. Lexit Group is forward looking and helps us identify the equipment that customers need. Before the arrival of Paytec, we used hardware from different suppliers, with limited success. With Lexit Group on board, we are yet to receive any customer calls regarding warranty issues. The equipment has worked seamlessly so far.”

Future hardware solutions in focus

The main reason for Paytec participating in the exhibition was to meet industry professionals and exchange experiences with Lexit Group employees.

“I was given the opportunity to discuss a range of solutions and hear what others have done in the retail/POS field. It was also instructive to take a look at hardware products that I currently do not have in my product portfolio, but that might be of interest to my customers,” says Hagland, who sees Lexit Group as a crucial partner.

“I am trying to convince my software supplier to start working with Lexit Group.”

PAYTEC: Partnering with Lexit Group has been crucial to our growth. “I met professionals at the exhibition and exchanged experiences with the employees at Lexit Group,” says CEO Rune Hagland at Paytec.


Thank you for your positive response to our exhibition concept

“The response shows that customers had their questions addressed in terms of the breadth of our products and solutions from our employees with special skills in their respective fields,” says Lauritsen. The informal atmosphere also allowed most of the visitors to stay at the exhibition for much of the day, which we see as a good sign that we have achieved something important with the concept. We are already looking forward to opening the doors to the 2019 exhibition,” Lauritsen concludes.


We let the pictures speak for themselves...


If you did not have the chance to attend the exhibition or have any questions or ideas about products/solutions, please feel free to contact us! 

See you again at the 2019 exhibition!


TEXT/PHOTO: Trond Schieldrop


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