Lexit Group Exhibition 2019 – With a focus on the entire value chain

At the end of January, Lexit Group held their annual exhibition for customers and partners, this time at the Felix Conference Centre in Oslo. This year also proved to be a great success for everyone involved.

“This year’s exhibition has been our best ever, and we feel privileged that year after year we can arrange this specialist trade day and bring together so many of our connections – both new contacts and those well-established over several years. We were even better prepared as exhibition organizers this time, and to a greater extent we presented the entire value chain and focused on software solutions in all areas. Our latest success, the SAS solution, attracted great interest among many visitors, who were able to test it live and see it in use. We got a lot out of this day, both professionally and socially, and all the feedback from visitors has been entirely positive,” says Svein Lauritsen, exhibition organizer and sales manager for data acquisition at Lexit Group.

ENTIRE VALUE CHAIN: Svein Lauritsen, head of department for data collection, believes that to a greater degree, this time we presented our entire value chain and focused on software solutions in all areas.

Lexit Group as total supplier

As mentioned previously, there was an even sharper focus this time on presenting the entire range of all the different product groups, especially the industry department who presented several of their solutions this year. CEO Lasse Eriksen explains exactly why this was a focus area and the importance of having such a focus.

“By presenting our entire range, we can offer customers something extra that might be more difficult to present on a normal day. A customer may know that we work with POS, but they may not be aware that we also work with RFID. In this way, we can solve other requirements in addition to those they initially came to find out about at the exhibition.”

This is also something that Mikael Thorsgaard, software manager at Lexit Group, experienced at this year’s exhibition.

“When we are out visiting customers we often focus on a specific objective, so we don’t always have time to draw in other products or solutions that may be of interest. On the other hand, an exhibition such as this provides both the time and space for these important conversations.

SOFTWARE: Mikael Thorsgaard (left), here together with service technician Thomas Karlsen, believes that an exhibition such as this provides both time and space for important professional discussions.

Strong relationships promote growth for all parties

In addition to the professional arrangements, the exhibition was a place to nurture already established as well as new relationships with the participants.

“Such an exhibition is a great arena for constructive and important professional discussions with our customers and partners. We can discuss new products and solutions, but also nurture relationships that are important for all parties in everyday life,” says CEO Lasse Eriksen.

FOCUS ON WIDTH: CEO Lasse Eriksen thinks that the exhibition is not only important for discussing new products and solutions, but also for nurturing relationships that are important for all parties in everyday life.

SalMar – Future plans and relationships

SalMar is one of the world’s largest and most efficient producers of farmed salmon. They have a long history of cooperation with Lexit Group and also attended this year’s exhibition.

“At this year’s exhibition, our focus was on maintaining the good relationships that improve the daily contact between us and Lexit Group. At the same time, we were interested in taking a closer look at the new solutions and new products that we can take advantage of in the future. This applies to both software and hardware, but we are most excited about getting a closer look at the printers and handheld terminals,” says Kent Vidar Johansen, IT manager at SalMar.

The cooperation with Lexit Group seems to be something that SalMar really appreciates.

“Our relationship with Lexit Group is extremely good. The people I am in touch with there are always helpful and very pleasant. I have had lots of contact with the industry department in particular, who always come out if we need help with a service or similar. The Trondheim department is especially favourable for us because they don’t have far to travel if a serious problem occurs. Just a couple of days before the exhibition they were on site resolving an issue, something we really appreciate,” says Johansen.

SALMAR: Kent Vidar Johansen (right), together with colleague Mindaugas Tamosiunas, came to the exhibition to see the latest software and hardware, but were most excited about the printers and handheld terminals.

Myklebust shipyard – Quite simply a good collaboration

After over 100 years of operation, Myklebust shipyard is a monument within the Norwegian shipbuilding industry. They have built up good, solid experience in all areas of vessel processing, including new construction and service. Like many others at this year’s exhibition, they participated to see new innovations and to explore possible solutions that they could use.

“There were mainly two things we wanted to look at more closely at this year’s exhibition, a tool handling system and the service system LexService. We currently have a good amount of data acquisition equipment, but now we are also interested in software,” says Daniel Moltumyr, warehouse manager at Myklebust shipyard. When it comes to the relationship they have with Lexit Group, Moltumyr considers it to be very good.

“We see Lexit Group as an innovative supplier that is on our level. I think that we can benefit each other a lot through our cooperation. They offer very good service and we never experience any problems with getting help if something happens. All in all, it’s a good cooperation that we hope will continue and evolve in the future so that we can both grow together.

MYKLEBUST SHIPYARD: Daniel Moltumyr participated at the exhibition to see new innovations and to explore possible solutions they can use, but was particularly interested in a tool handling system and the service system LexService.

Oluf Lorentzen – New ERP system

Jarl Eirik Bærø participated from Oluf Lorentzen, which is one of Norway’s largest suppliers of food to the grocery market. With a range of almost 3,000 products, there is much to keep track of.

“We have worked with Lexit Group for almost twenty years now and we are very happy. Lexit Group has a good knowledge of logistics, printers and data acquisition, and at the same time the business is the right size to take good care of us. We enjoy very good cooperation and know that we can get help if we have an urgent request. Good relationships and capable people is something we do not take for granted and really appreciate.” There were several areas that Bærø wanted to explore in more detail at the exhibition.

“This year we wanted to take a closer look at the technology and products relating to logistics, as we are about to replace our entire ERP system. This is something we wanted to discuss at the exhibition as well as to maintain the good relationship we have with Lexit Group.”

OLUF LORENTZEN: Jarl Eirik Bærø, together with Michael Thorsgaard, software manager at Lexit Group.

An exhibition to follow up

The mood in Lexit Group was definitely good following this year’s exhibition. The day was also a success from the company’s point of view. Geir Karlsen, retail manager at Lexit Group, emphasizes the benefits of the good attendance and the importance of arranging such an exhibition.

“The large attendance and interest in the products we were presenting I think is due to how the exhibition was structured. By keeping a closed exhibition like this for new and existing customers, those wishing to attend have a genuine interest in participating and have a purpose for their visit. I am very satisfied with this year’s event, and now have a lot of good conversations and exciting tasks ahead to follow up.

POS/RETAIL: Geir Karlsen, retail manager, presented a wide range of retail products and now has a lot of good conversations and exciting tasks to follow up after the exhibition.

Already looking forward to the next exhibition

Exhibition organizer Svein Lauritsen is confident.

“We have again received confirmation that this is an exhibition that is here to stay. We have received a lot of praise from both suppliers and customers that this is an extremely good initiative that they really appreciate. We hope that many of them will return and are already looking forward to repeating the success next year.


Get an impression of the atmosphere from the photo bonanza below

SERVICE AND SUPPORT: Synne Egeberg, service coordinator, together with Eivind Eriksen, warehouse manager (and exhibition journalist) made good contacts with customers throughout the day.

LABELS: Jostein Sæter, head of department for labels, presented both digital label handling systems and a large variety of labels produced for the food industry.

LABELS FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY: Most of the labels we produce in our print shop in Gothenburg are supplied to the food industry, but we deliver to all industries.

SATISFIED WITH THE RESPONSE: Stefan Haugerud, retail technician, Geir Karlsen, retail manager, and Gunnar Herseth, owner and business developer, got good feedback on the presentation of products and solutions at the exhibition.

DATA COLLECTION: Helge Stenstvedt, key account manager, presents products to interested customers.

WELCOME AND CHECK IN: Ida Lillemo and Kari-Anne Fjellheim welcomed all the guests and handed out goody bags.

SELLING LABELS: Our enthusiastic label sellers, Thomas Sørlie and Pernille Johansen, were more than happy to demonstrate product labels on the cold counter.

GREAT INTEREST IN INDUSTRY: Lasse Eriksen, Trond Are Halldén and Per Kristian Myklebust took care of the many customers interested in industrial solutions.

INFORMAL ATMOSPHERE: The concept of “open house” provides many opportunities for both mingling and professional discussions, as well as allowing customers to share experiences amongst themselves..

RETAIL SOLUTIONS: Øystein Stakvik, software technician, demonstrates a new solution to Fredrik Elmertoft from Soti.

SELF-SERVICE KIOSKS: Stefan Haugerud in friendly conversation with Terje Holte from Umoe, who is a customer of self-service kiosks from Lexit Group.

INTEREST IN DATA COLLECTION: Lasse Eriksen, Mikael Thorsgaard and Gunnar Herseth demonstrate data collection solutions to interested customers.

RETAIL PRODUCTS: Geir Karlsen presents products to some of the many customers that came to see the latest retail products at the exhibition.

SAS SOLUTION: Gunnar Herseth presents our latest SAS solution to interested customers.

HAPPY EXHIBITION VISITORS: Helge Stenstvedt together with a cheerful crowd from Widerøe that had made the trip to the exhibition see products and solutions.

PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS: Daniel Thorsgaard, key account manager, and Marius Andersen, software technician, engaged in dialogue with some of the guests.

GOOD ATMOSPHERE: Many of the excellent professional discussions took place in the restaurant area.

INDUSTRY: Lars Magne Sponevik, service technician at Lexit Group (right), together with good contacts.

DEVICE MANAGEMENT: Our partner in Device Management, Soti MobiControl, participated with their own stand at the exhibition.

VOICE SOLUTIONS: Lasse Eriksen in dialogue with Ragnhild Olsen and Erik Lindberg from OnLog AS, who presented voice solutions at the exhibition.

POS/RETAIL: Here is a selection of products and solutions that were presented at the exhibition.

RFID: RFID stock counting was one of the solutions presented at the exhibition.

DATA COLLECTION: Here is a selection of products and solutions that were presented at the exhibition.

DATA COLLECTION: Here is a selection of products and solutions that were presented at the exhibition.

LABELLING/INDUSTRIAL: Here is a selection of products and solutions that were presented at the exhibition.


TEXT: Eivind Eriksen, Lexit Group / PHOTO: Tone H.M. Sagen, Lexit Group


See you again in 2020!