Increased efficiency of airport operations by way of technology

When Widerøe Ground Handling were contracted to take over large parts of SAS’ ground operations, the need arose for a common support system in order to ensure the most optimal management of the airport operations. With the help of Lexit Group an ideal solution was subsequently reached

Lexit Group is one of Scandinavia's leading suppliers of POS, RFID, data capture, product labelling and software solutions. The company aspires to create added value for its customers using their knowledge and innovation, of which their cooperation with Widerøe Ground Handling is a great example. As employees of Norway's largest supplier of ground handling services, the personnel at Widerøe Ground Handling are careful to ensure that correct information is registered at the right time, since changes are constantly taking place.

– Formerly the operation was largely paper-based, which often resulted in data being outdated once it was printed. Many registrations were also never completed. Since we had no support systems for individual employees, we wanted to find a solution that ensured that all forms of registrations would be performed in real time at the airport, says André Østli, Chief Information Officer at Widerøe Ground Handling.

INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Widerøe Ground Handling changes from paper-based to digital operations, through the introduction of one single unit. From left, André Østli, Chief Information Officer and Christian Vabø, Ground Systems Manager at Widerøe Ground Handling.

A focus on hardware

Østli further informs us that the company needed help with their hardware and that the choice fell on contracting Lexit Group for this purpose, because of their high technical competence and over 20 years of experience. Widerøe initially wanted tablets with relatively large work surfaces, but Lexit Group were doubtful as to whether this was the best solution.

– We let them try out several different tablets i order to figure out which one would be most suitable for them. It quickly became clear that the devices should be smaller rather than larger, Helge Stenstvedt, Key Account Manager at Lexit Group, explains. Regular tablets are slightly too big and heavy to be used under the operative working conditions and in connection with, for example, the loading and unloading of planes.

– This led to Widerøe changing the design specs for both the product and the software and deciding to go for smaller units, Stenstvedt concludes. 

PROUD SUPPLIER: Key Account Manager Helge Stenstvedt AT Lexit Group AS.

Robust solution

In addition to being easily handled, the devices also have to be able to withstand some nicks. They need to be sturdy enough to be used in rough environments and be built to withstand significant weather stresses.

– The environments we work in range from Longyearbyen, where temperatures are very low, to Bergen, where it rains a lot. We considered regular consumer products, but soon discovered that such products are not particularly durable and also have insufficient battery capacity. Together with Lexit Group, we came to the conclusion that the Zebra TC75 was the best option.

– Other companies that visit us have shown interest in going in the same direction as us, says Christian Vabø, Ground Systems Manager at Widerøe Ground Handling.

ROBUST SOLUTION: The Zebra TC75x withstands the rough environment while being easy to handle. Other companies have shown interest in going in the same direction.

A single unit

Significant improvements have resulted from the introduction of the new unit. According to Vabø the employee feedback has been very positive and further developments are anticipated. The goal is to gather all the necessary functions in the TC75x, so that employees can perform all their tasks using one single unit.

– In cooperation with Lexit Group we are now integrating both scanning and communications functionalities into the device. The next step will be to move from traditional radio communications to push-to-talk, which is an IT-based communications solution, says Vabø, who stresses the importance of the cooperation with Lexit Group.

– Lexit Group have, throughout the process, clearly laid out the benefits of choosing one solution over another, and have been able to contribute with a different kind of experience compared to other contactors. Moreover, their service and support is fantastic, with fast response and delivery times.

– Without Lexit Group we would not be where we are today, Vabø concludes.

POSITIVE EMPLOYEE FEEDBACK: With the introduction of the new device, great progress has been made.

ONE SINGEL UNIT: The goal is to gather all the necessary functions in the TC75x, so that employees can perform all their tasks using one single unit.

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