Hardware equipment from Lexit Group streamlines food and drink orders

Lexit Group hardware equipment has streamlined food and drink orders at Umoe Restaurants’ 330 restaurants and cafés across Scandinavia. "9,000 employees use touch screens on POS devices and tablets. It has simplified our order routines", says Terje Holte, Senior IT Consultant at Umoe Restaurants.

Holte takes us on a tour of the Fridays restaurant at the Royal Christiania Hotel in Oslo. Here we gain an insight into how the system works in practice for the serving staff.

PERFECT: "We have been using hardware equipment from Lexit Group since 2005. The equipment has always worked perfectly", says Terje Holte, Senior IT Consultant at Umoe Restaurants (left). Here together with Geir Karlsen, Retail Manager for Lexit Group Norway AS (right).

POS devices, printers, scanners and tills

Lexit Group has been supplying all the hardware, including POS devices, printers, scanners and tills, as well as special equipment to selected users. The collaboration with Lexit Group has continued for over ten years and has been very satisfying. "We are extremely pleased with our supplier, they offer good service and maintenance routines. If anything unexpected happens, they come out quickly to fix the fault or to replace the equipment. They are also well-known for delivering on time."

Umoe Restaurants have been using hardware equipment from Lexit Group since 2005. "The equipment has always worked perfectly", says Holte.  

Easy to use interface

The hardware and software equipment has an easy to use interface. "The software is based on the Java programming language with standard Windows functionality", says Holte. He explains that this is plug-and-play with no special adjustments. "The serving staff enter food and drinks orders on their POS device or tablet. Food orders automatically go to the kitchen where the chefs are ready to prepare the food. The devices are easy to operate and require no prior knowledge of IT. The equipment has many similarities with modern touch screen smart phones. This has totally streamlined our order routines", he emphasizes.

FRIDAYS: The hardware and software equipment has an easy to use interface.

Umoe Restaurants – a leading hospitality chain

Umoe Restaurants is one of Norway's leading hospitality chains with an annual turnover of NOK 4 billion. The company's 330 restaurants and cafés includes Peppes Pizza, Burger King, American Bistro Scandinavia, Cafe Opus, La Baguette, Starbucks, Fattigmann and concept restaurants at several Norwegian airports. Few people outside the company know that Umoe Restaurants has operational responsibility for these restaurants and cafés. "This is a deliberate decision on our part. It is the chains and not us who must promote the business externally", says Holte. "We don't want to take the brilliance off the work they put in every single day."

Avoiding delays with just one hardware supplier

For Umoe Restaurants it is essential to deal with just one main supplier of hardware equipment. "This means we avoid involving several subsuppliers, which can easily delay the delivery process. If anything unexpected happens where we need support immediately, Lexit Group always brings their full expertise to the problem", says Holte.

Online support

The IT department at Umoe Restaurants consists of six people. Holte has responsibility for acquisition and development of the company's hardware and software solutions. "We also have operational responsibility for our accounting system", says Holte. He adds that the IT department provides online support for all customer and POS devices in all their restaurants and cafés across Scandinavia.  "Very occasionally we have to go out to the chains or cafés and repair the equipment. It goes without saying that it would be expensive to visit all the restaurants and cafés in Norway and Sweden for every single fault."

Solid products that can handle rough treatment

Out of a total of 1,000 POS devices, only five are sent for repair each year. "This is an extremely low number and is confirmation that Lexit Group has solid products that can handle rough treatment in demanding working environments", Holte points out. "The POS devices and bill printers have always worked perfectly. If a POS device does break, we are sent a new one within a short time. Old and out of date equipment is replaced as and when necessary. It typically takes 1-2 days from the equipment being ordered from Lexit Group to it being delivered to the restaurants or cafés. As a temporary solution, companies can connect POS devices to a desktop PC with a keyboard until the new one arrives. But in most cases we are able to deal with unexpected events from Lysaker", he emphasizes.

FRIDAYS: POS solution from Lexit Group AS.

New design and faster speed

Lexit Group has launched the third version of its hardware equipment. "The difference between the first and the current models is primarily the design and speed. The first version was solid but lacked sufficient processing power. The next version came with increased processing power but looked clunky. The latest version has been given an elegant design and is fanless. In the last two years we have moved over to solid state drives (SSD). They have increased performance, run quietly and use less energy", says Geir Karlsen of Lexit Group. He tells us that they have supplied receipt printers from Star Micronics, POS devices from FEC and scanners from Zebra to Umoe Restaurants. "The solution is supplemented with touch screens in addition to standard PC monitors, switches and patch cables."

The future of restaurant operations – information screens and self-service machines

In the not too distant future, the hospitality industry expects that each customer will be able to order food and drink via their own smartphone. "Guests will be able to download an app and place the order through their own touch screen. This means we will be dependent on current hardware equipment from Lexit Group for many years to come. The need for information screens and self-service machines will increase sharply. We want to be at the forefront in developing the most sophisticated solutions for our customers. Developments are moving so quickly that it doesn't take much before you get left behind again", concludes Holte.


BURGER KING: POS solution from Lexit Group.

STARBUCKS COFFEE: POS solution from Lexit Group.


Text and photos: Trond Schieldrop


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