Clothing chain ClubXPRS: Self-service checkouts featuring hardware from Lexit Group

The new clothing chain ClubXPRS in Sweden is among the first in Europe to completely move away from traditionally manned checkouts. ClubXPRS shops only use self-service checkouts.
“The advantage of this payment concept is that staff are in place to assist customers in the shop. When customers arrive at the checkout, they scan the goods themselves and complete the purchase of the goods which are paid for by card,” says Sales Manager Pål-Erik Nilsen and Technical Manager Rune Bertheussen at Q-System Retail AS.

Q-Systems, based in Oslo, together with Lexit Group, have sold the hardware solution to ClubXPRS. The founders of the ClubXPRS clothing chain can boast extensive knowledge of the clothing industry from previously successful chains both in Sweden and internationally. This is the experience they bring to the table as they have just started up three self-service shops of 2,000 square metres each.
“The first two were opened before Easter, and the third in mid-April. Here customers can enjoy quality clothing at extremely low prices. If the chain concept proves to be a success, management will open more shops in Sweden,” Nilsen explains.

GREAT INTEREST: There has been great interest in the new self-service checkouts at the ClubXPRS clothing stores in Sweden.

Close partnership with Lexit Group

In early December 2015, an agreement was signed with Q-Systems ClubXPRS. Things moved quickly from idea to launching the solution just before Easter. Q-Systems has worked closely with Lexit Group Norway, which is a provider of hardware to Q-Systems Retail.

Positive interaction produced bespoke concept

In the pre-project phase, ClubXPRS representatives were invited to Lexit Group headquarters in Kløfta where they learned all about the products on offer. They had clear ideas about how the solution should look and quickly came to the conclusion that Q-Systems with Lexit Group had the optimal product mix to meet their particular needs. In addition to identifying an optimal hardware solution, ClubXPRS management were also tasked to find retail space, hire staff, set the interior design for the shops, acquire ERP systems and establish distribution centres.
“They were pleased to be contacted by a system provider,” says Nilsen and Bertheussen. We brainstormed a little and produced a draft that the customer took a closer look at. The partnership between the customer, Lexit Group and us played a decisive role for the final outcome.
“When the customer ultimately made their decision, we developed a bespoke concept consisting of both hardware and software solutions,” Nilsen and Bertheussen continue. We paired hardware products from Lexit Group with software solutions from Heads Retail AB in line with customer preferences and needs.

Among the first in Europe in the clothing industry to install self-service checkouts

According to Nilsen, ClubXPRS is among the first clothing chains in Europe to introduce self-service checkouts.
“Both supermarkets and DIY stores use the self-service checkouts today, but only as a supplement to manned shop checkouts. Self-service checkouts are an exciting concept that ensures that staff can assist customers in the shop instead of standing behind the till.
“If customers have problems with cash management, there are always staff on hand that can help,” Nilsen emphasizes. 

Integrated checkout solution with easy user interface

Q-Systems together with Lexit Group have delivered an integrated cash station with two monitors from FEC, one for the customer and one for the checkout supervisor. This provides an excellent and flexible solution where the person who controls the activity at the checkout has a full overview of what is happening.
“We have supplied Star receipt printers, banking terminals and scanners from Honeywell Solaris configured in the style of those already used in the retail industry. The units are mounted on SpacePole consoles at the checkout counter. Once customers have picked their products they move to the checkout, scan them and pay by card,” say Nilsen and Bertheussen.

EASY TO USE: Integrated checkout solution with easy user interface.

Lexit Group – a professional partner

Cooperation with Lexit Group has been crucial for the project.
“We had the option of choosing any hardware supplier at any time, but, we now have a supportive partner that assumes full responsibility for the equipment supplied, Nilsen emphasises.”
For a major hardware implementation, we know from experience that glitches can occur to both the hardware and software. At such times, we are completely dependent on having a provider that we can trust. Lexit Group has a very high level of service and solves all problems quickly and smoothly. In addition to the high level of service, they also hold the products we need in stock. This means that Q-Systems in turn can offer a good service, and is something that we can pass on in relation to our customers. This partnership between Q-Systems and Lexit Group has been running for several years. It has been an unqualified success for both parties.

Like hand in glove

“Projects like this suit us very well,” says Sales Manager Svein Lauritsen at Lexit Group. It is important for us to get involved in the process as early as possible so we can apply our product knowledge and expertise to provide the customer and partner with crucial input on the selection of equipment,” Lauritsen points out.

No staff reductions in shops

The system is intuitive and easy to use. ClubXPRS has not installed its self-service checkouts simply to cut back on staff.
“On the contrary, we have installed them to enhance service for our customers. Staff are not meant to stand by the checkout but will be out and assisting customers in the shop,” says Bertheussen who argues that the solution has many similarities with today's on-line stores.
“The difference is that, here, you can feel the products before you decide to buy,” he concludes.

AMONG THE FIRST IN EUROPE: Caption ClubXPRS is among the first clothing chains in Europe to introduce self-service checkouts. Both supermarkets and DIY stores use the self-service checkouts today, but only as a supplement to manned shop checkouts,” says Sales Managers Pål-Erik Nilsen and Rune Bertheussen at Q-System Retail AS.


TEKST: Trond Schieldrop / FOTO: ClubXPRS